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Below are brief summaries of some of the topics that may arise as we explore your long and short term financial goals.  The information will give you something to consider as you prepare for our initial review.

Accumulating Retirement Assets:

Retirement can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, never having to wake up early  to get started on that morning commute, taking a cruise to the Caribbean you have always dreamed of, taking the grandchildren for a week at the beach or Disney World or both.  Dreams can be a reality, but it takes planning to make those dreams come true.  

It's never too early to think about funding or creating a plan for retirement .  Lifespans have increased, therefore, you need to set aside more to enjoy the lifestyle you've dreamed of. 

We offer a variety of insurance and financial products that can help you fund your retirement, and make the money you've saved and worked so hard for all those years go even further. 

Creating a Lasting Legacy for those you love: 

During your income-earning years, hard work and careful planning can help you build a secure independent savings for those retirement years.  You may actually be in the enviable position of being able to leave something to those you love the most, your spouse, children, grandchildren, and perhaps a charity of your choice.  Nows the time.  Seize the moment.  Together lets build a plan that creates a legacy for those you love.

Your Children's Education:

A scenario that could be just around the corner:  The cars are packed, good-byes are exchanged, some tears are being held back.  Yet this is a very proud moment.  You have scrimped and saved to afford your child's college education, that day has arrived.   As you breathe a sigh of relief,  you are thinking to yourself thank goodness I planned ahead and started saving early so the next for years will not be a financial drain.

Consider the alternative. What if you had not planed?  Those next four years could be a financial nightmare.  Juggling student loans, home equity loans, financial aid requests, books, housing and the list goes on.  Fortunately, we understand the importance of funding your child or children's education.  Therefore, we offer a selection of products to help you meet that goal. 

Safeguarding Your Home Mortgage:

The "American Dream," owning your own home.  There's nothing like that feeling.  Your home is one of your major investments.  It represents many things, a place to raise a family, comfort, security, and a financial commitment. Your home needs to be protected just like other valuable assets in your life.  Deciding on ways to safeguard your investment is an important step that will help guarantee the joy of owning your home for years to come.

We can alleviate some of the worry that comes with a mortgage and ownership.  One major concern may be that your family will face difficulties paying off the mortgage in the event that you pass away prematurely.  One of the ways to help assure your family 's financial security is to consider life insurance products as mortgage protectors.  Products such as Permanent Life and Term Life insurance are personally  owned and portable.  If purchased in an adequate amount, the death benefit can help retire the mortgage,  and also help provide money to cover other expenses.  Ensuring your families future now will help ease your mind.  You are in a since, insuring your love. 




Need a little help in deciding which products and services would be right for you and your family?  Please use the contact us button to e-mail us.  We can help you analyze your needs and/recommend appropriate products.




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